Flower Bomb Bubble Bath Bomb in Pink Lychee and Rose Petals Set of 6



Pink Lychee Hibiscus Flower Bath Bomb set of 6

Drop a Flower Bomb in the bath for a floral spectacle of Hibiscus Rosella and Rose petals drifting in a sweet pink lychee haze of skin loving oils. Smells amazing in Pink Lychee punch.

  • Add your bubble bath bomb while the water is still running to enjoy more bubbles.
  • Your skin will feel smooth, soft and moisturised from all the goodies packed into our bombs including Shea Buter, Cocoa Butter, double Coconut Oils, Grapeseed Oil and Mango Butter.
  • Size approximately 135gms
  • Made with love by Bomd Australia, No Animal Testing, No Parabens, Vegan Friendly.

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