Unicorn Poop Bubble Bath Dust Set of 2 Makes Loads of Bubbles Smells like Lemonade



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Unicorn Poop Fun Magic Bubble Bath Dust Set of 2

Our magical unicorn poop bubble bath will bubble and fizz when added to the bath, creating masses of long lasting bubbles and colour. The fragrance is a little bit fruity, with uplisting citrus lemonade burst and a whole lot of fun.

*Simply add as much or as little to your bath as you like, under running water while filling the bath to enjoy mountains of bubbles in a fun colourful moisturising bath soak. Packed full of skin loving ingredients with no nasty chemicals. 

All ingredients / products are of the highest quality, colours will not stain your bath.

  • Each pack is approx 115gms 
  • Equal to 2-3 baths depending on how much colour and bubbles you like.
  • Pack size = 9 x 13cm
  • Made with ❤ on the East Coast of Australia 

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