Bluegum Eucalyptus with Peppermint Essential Oils Foot Spa Soak the Treatment for your Feet



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Foot Spa Bar (each foot soak bomb = 2 treatments)

Get back to basics - contains all natural goodies your skin will ❤ & none of the nasty stuff that you don't really need.

Whats in it: Coconut oil + Grapeseed oil a great antioxidant that naturally contains vitamin E. Cocoa butter and Mango butter to help soften and soothe dry tired skin, a blend of Peppermint & Blue Gum Eucalyptus oil to stimulate while soothing and refreshing, not only smells good it assists in boosting skin health with natural anti bacterial qualities.

How to use your foot spa bar:

  • Fill a bowl or basin with warm water (approx 10 litres).
  • Snap your Spearmint Foot Bar in half using the snap line located on the back as your guide.
  • Drop one of the halves into your basin/bowl. Save the other half for your next foot soak.
  • Now place both feet into the bubbling water and enjoy the refreshing and rejuvenating soak...
  • you may like to soak for 15-20 minutes...



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